2016 Foals

Farleigh Evander

S: Howetown Dreamcatcher (imp) D: Little G Royal Affair. An imposing and impressive colt to make large galloway

Farleigh Adriana

S: Trellech Enigma (imp) D: Amaranda Abomination SOD Trentlyn Platinum Very feminine palomino filly

Farleigh Delphine

S:Trellech Enigma (imp) D:Clemson Sienna SOD Farleigh Nimrod. Filly with star/stripe to make large galloway

Farleigh Montague

S: Trellech Enigma (imp) D: Farleigh Manon SOD Farleigh Nimrod. A beautiful colt from Grand National winner Farleigh Manon

Farleigh Sophia

S:Howetown Dreamcatcher (imp) D:Mondiso Park Just A Jewel SOD Falconhurst Reprise. Beautifully bred filly, sibling to numerous Royal Show Champions

Farleigh Morpheus

S: Howetown Dreamcatcher (imp) D: Bayview Sweet Dreams SOD Rothwell Toy Town Beautifully bred, long-limbed fine black colt

Farleigh Prospero

S: Furzey Kit-cat D: Mondiso Park Mercedes SOD Falconhurst Reprise. Exquisite colt, sibling to Supreme Champion Youngstock and overall Grand Champion Led Pony at NSW Riding Pony State Show Farleigh Bijou

Farleigh Lysandra

Howetown Dreamcatcher (imp) x Farleigh Tallulah SOD Farleigh Nimrod. Lovely bay filly with white star

Farleigh Olivia

S: Howetown Dreamcatcher (imp) D: Farleigh Ophelia SOD Trellech Enigma (imp). Pretty buckskin filly from imported bloodlines to make galloway